Multipurpose Fusion Fabrics Masks

Multipurpose Fusion Fabrics Masks

Designer’s Fusion Fabrics Masks


(Prices displayed are in Singapore Dollars.)

Specially Sewn For You For Your Safety & Comfort!

Running low on Surgical Masks during this crisis? Protect yourself and your loved ones from bacteria and viruses with our Reusable Cloth Masks! Our Multipurpose Fusion Fabrics Masks are safe, hygienic, reusable and offers the basic protection from contamination during work, chores and cleaning, as well as exposure due to daily public commuting.

Product Details

  • Details: Hand Sewn Multipurpose Fusion Fabrics Masks with unique designs for the unique identity.
  • Condition: New and Heat Pressed.
  • Quantity: 1 Packet consists of 1 mask.
  • Weight: Adult size: 22g. Child size: 20g.
  • Dimensions: Adult: (Length) 180mm x (Width) 98mm. Child: (Length) 140mm x (Width) 80mm. Dimensions may vary as product is handmade.
  • Country: Made in Singapore and sold by Nanyang Flavours Pte. Ltd.



Sub-Micron Pore Sized Non-Woven Fabric Layer Protect against and filtering bacteria, micro-organisms, dreaded pathogens and viruses present in air.


Fusion Fabrics Masks are comfortable on your skin and can be use for prevention of inhaling and effective against dust, fog, car exhaust, pollen, bacterial and other minute pathogens.


The soft, durable elastic ear-loop bands for additional comforts of wearing. Guaranteed one size to fit everyone that is especially made for most adult men and women.

* Disclaimer: This mask is for general public use for occasions of preventing the inhaling of smoke particles, dust, bacterial and micro-organisms.
The user has the responsibility to adopt proper hygiene at all times.
This mask do not substitute the functions of tested heavy duty masks.

* 免责声明:此面罩适用于一般公众场合,以防止吸入烟尘,灰尘,细菌和微生物。

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